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Our knowledgeable gas fitters are experts at gas pipe fitting and can show you how proper line sizing, pressure regulation and piping practices assure your gas system stays safe, is cost effective and functions the way it should.

Don’t waste another penny on refilling propane tanks or buying expensive electric appliances. There is nothing more reliable than gas. Contact Us today we’d be happy to discuss your gas fitting options and accommodate any of your gas line and pipe installation, maintenance, repair or replacement needs.

Gas services North Vancouver

Determining gas line size is complex and based on many factors such as distance, amount of 90° turns, British thermal units (BTU)/hour, and cubic feet of gas/hour to name a few. You should contact an experienced technician to help you calculate your gas line size.

When you run a gas line for a stove you must rely on a heating contractor to ensure a proper installation which ensures your safety and the safety of others. Generally, however, once the gas is shut off to the house new pipes are attached together and sealed together until they reach the appliance.

You can get natural gas at your house if you have natural gas in your neighborhood. Contact a heating contractor and set up an account with your local gas company, and you could be using gas appliances in no-time.

Different kinds of pipe can be used for natural gas depending on the British thermal units (BTU)/hour that you need. Common materials include copper, steel, PVC, PE, ductile iron, aluminum, and yellow brass. Contact a technician to determine which kind is best for you.

Fast and Affordable Gas Installations

In addition to offering the safest and most efficient gas installation services in the area, we are very proud to offer our comprehensive services at competitive prices. Our contractors are more than happy to provide you with a detailed estimate for the total cost of the service before the work gets underway.

We will also work in a timely fashion while paying close attention to each detail.

Gas Services

  • Running Gas Piping

  • Repairing Gas Leaks

  • Installing New gas Appliances

  • Relocating Gas Piping

  • Gas Pipe Replacement

  • Gas Pipe Repair

  • Gas Pipe Maintenance

What We Install

  • Natural Gas Furnaces

  • Natural Gas Ranges, Stoves & Ovens

  • Natural Gas BBQs

  • Natural Gas Fireplaces

  • Natural Gas Pool Heaters

  • Natural Gas Water Heaters

  • Natural Gas Dryers

  • Natural Gas Lights & Lamps




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